Month: February 2019

that moment…

……when you may have bitten off more than you can chew…..


she threw away those “how to ace the job interview” books and invested in a new wardrobe. and from that point, the job offers just rolled in…..


…..when we’re ready….. and not before….. i’m going to say two words…..

“my mouth”


“her pussy”

…..then again, there is that third choice…..



…’re my best friend’s husband….. so that means a strict hands-off policy. this is the best i can do…..

super heroes

fuck kryptonite…..


i wondered why he always wanted to stay home whenever i went out to run saturday errands.

then i saw our 19 year old neighbor sunbathing topless in her backyard, and put two and two together. i parked around the block, waited 15 minutes, then quietly let myself back into our house…..

walking the rope

those who have read my Awakening will recognize this theme. except for the fact that she was blindfolded, and was being “helped” to traverse the rope…..

reverse cowgirl

all that’s missing is this cowgirl. on my knees in front of them…..

the test

she knows all too well what will happen if she lets them spill again. last time, she couldn’t sit down for three days thanks to his belt.

although this time, he’s assured her, the punishment will be across her tits…..

he’s beginning to go faster. sooner or later, her fate is inevitable.

unless, of course, she figures out that she can just drink the water so that it won’t be overflowing. after all, she was never instructed not to do that.

but i’m not going to tell her. are you?

party game

you’re doing so well….. isn’t this so much fun?

when i count to three and snap my fingers….. you are going to have an unquenchable craving for your boyfriend’s cum…..

…..but only for eating it out of my pussy…..