i hope he’s blindfolded

……because, like, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding…..

unless this is just one of the groomsmen.


when she’s still not quite ready to be turned….. but getting there…..

pay attention…

…..i’m only going to show you how to do this one more time…..

that moment…

……when you may have bitten off more than you can chew…..


she threw away those “how to ace the job interview” books and invested in a new wardrobe. and from that point, the job offers just rolled in…..


…..when we’re ready….. and not before….. i’m going to say two words…..

“my mouth”


“her pussy”

…..then again, there is that third choice…..



…..you’re my best friend’s husband….. so that means a strict hands-off policy. this is the best i can do…..

super heroes

fuck kryptonite…..


i wondered why he always wanted to stay home whenever i went out to run saturday errands.

then i saw our 19 year old neighbor sunbathing topless in her backyard, and put two and two together. i parked around the block, waited 15 minutes, then quietly let myself back into our house…..

walking the rope

those who have read my Awakening will recognize this theme. except for the fact that she was blindfolded, and was being “helped” to traverse the rope…..

reverse cowgirl

all that’s missing is this cowgirl. on my knees in front of them…..

the test

she knows all too well what will happen if she lets them spill again. last time, she couldn’t sit down for three days thanks to his belt.

although this time, he’s assured her, the punishment will be across her tits…..

he’s beginning to go faster. sooner or later, her fate is inevitable.

unless, of course, she figures out that she can just drink the water so that it won’t be overflowing. after all, she was never instructed not to do that.

but i’m not going to tell her. are you?

party game

you’re doing so well….. isn’t this so much fun?

when i count to three and snap my fingers….. you are going to have an unquenchable craving for your boyfriend’s cum…..

…..but only for eating it out of my pussy…..

life hack #69

if you break out a camera before you pay her….. it’s not prostitution, it’s porn. and it’s legal…..

secretary’s day

okay miss, now let’s see why you just cannot seem to sit still while you’re taking dictation, and….. oh, my.

come on in

you’re just in time for a fun game called “whose mouth”…..

…..that’s where five friends and I take turns….. well, you know…..

the rules: pretty self explanatory. except that if he guesses incorrectly….. he gets mercilessly edged all night…..


…..it’s not just missionary position. it’s being soul to soul with your partner…..

the hiring process

…..17 words per minute…..

…..11th grade education…..

…..giggled when asked about “dictation” skills…..

“you’re hired, miss!”

office supplies

the depraved shit i think about constantly whenever i’m working in an office….. this is why i should always work from home…..



car shopping

when you’re shopping for a car….. is the “roominess” (if you know what i mean) a make-or-break for you?

yeah, me neither

off topic

how long after the holidays is it typical to leave your Christmas lights up?


…..poor little thing. you didn’t seem to have any trouble at all when it was my boyfriend’s thick cock in your throat, hon!


…..useful for more than just doing our term papers…..


saw my best friend’s guy on a date with some blonde.

i agreed not to tell her. on one condition…..

by the end of the night, he’s going to be begging me to tell her.


…..the moment he pulls your hair by the roots and jerks your head back.

even better if it’s in front of a mirror, so you can see what a submissive whore you’ve become…..

chick flicks

your guy won’t watch them with you? just tell him “as soon as the movie is over, your load goes in my tight throat.” he’ll change his tune real quick…..

road trips

when your clothing privileges got revoked back around mile marker 78…..


shortly before lunch, the training session broke off into groups of three for a “team building exercise”…..


because there’s no “i” in “team” — or in “orgasm”


you want a ride home, little princess?

you’ll have to earn it.


i’m a resident expert on “car sex” in various forms. that’s 90% of what craigslist personals was before they canned it. mostly guys expecting blowjobs with nothing in return until i wised up and started asking to be taken care of first…..

don’t get me wrong though. something incredibly hot about sucking and swallowing a random guy, maybe just a few feet away from complete strangers, then getting in separate cars and driving away…..


helping one another out…..

take control

march right in and take charge…..


gawd do i want those boots…..


saw a meme that said “a real man will make your panties wet, not your eyes”

i call bullshit


…..she’s bound not with chains, ropes or spreader bars….. but merely with an order to keep her legs spread…..


…..although her punishment hasn’t even really begun yet….. that mascara already starting to run….. so fucking hot!


……with cream today…..

special service

her new business venture: a very special “consulting” service for couples.

forgot to pay the internet bill? you get to sit in that chair and watch.

maxed out the joint credit card? sit in that chair and watch.

brought home another red-light camera violation? watch as she stands up, lifts that slutty skirt and lets your husband give her the fuck of her life…..

all while you look on helplessly.

love is…

…..allowing her to taste herself…..


…..can’t decide which i like more. this, or being choked…..


…..when he’s fresh out of the shower, but he’s just going to get dirty again…..


…..make it quick….. she’s asleep…..

tinder date gone bad

…..or good, depending upon your perspective…..


…..putting her in her place…..literally


…..nothing beats a midnight snack…..

what i’m going to miss most about tumblr…

…..the “scissoring lesbians” page…..

research i

…..the time I did this to myself in the name of research…..

…..and then had to fuck myself to three orgasms…..

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